Lewd game “review” – Night Stroll by “SUPERBAD”

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Review type: Game
Review format: Lewds
✅ Solid art
✅ Good take on exhibit kink scenes
✅ Voice acting
❌ Pretty garbage script
❌ Pretty bad for linear scene hunter “gameplay”
❌ For gameover scenes, no fast resume
❌ Extremely linear and short
Not much to comment. Pretty hot chick with exhibit kink that goes rather extreme. But sadly game itself is pretty garbage to be honest. It had nice art and solid scenes and having voice acting was nice touch. But it’s linear scene hunter, might as well been short visual novel, would been better. There are few split choices, where either main character backs off or goes full crazy and gets banged that leads to game over. But issue here is.. even though game is nice enough to tell you to save before getting those “game over” scenes, game is still dumb enough that after game over scene when you reload your save, you can’t damn hold button to quickly skip scene/dialogues to the choice selection again…. Also even though the kink focus was hot, the way what main character thought and how everything was presented felt so damn moronic… which was quite a downer. Tension of the kink became more of a joke to be honest.
Yeah…. I wouldn’t recommend it, probably better stuff around that focus on exhibitionism tag.
Total Score: 4/10
Game status:
✅ Finished

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