Lewd game “review” – Angelic Force Yuki

Angelic Force Yuki [1.0 Full] (enuemu) - XXX RPG GAME - Best-hentai-games

My scoring & reviews explained HERE

+fairly solid art
+plenty of scenes
+straightforward gameplay with difficulty options
+post-game CG room

-somehow linear scenes with lack of CG variation
-quick corruption
-can get grindy
-rather dumb FMC

Surprisingly long game. What can I add…. the whole “Lust power” plot device kinda became really fast forgotten and pointless. Yes.. the lewder u get the more damage you deal.. but considering it’s H-game you pretty much hunt for all lewd scenes anyways. Also rather than it being any sort of corruption it was more of just scene catalogue as FMC didn’t give any sign of corruption. She got into the scene, she denied it, then she enjoyed it. Rather useless lead character.. And story didn’t give any extra indication of “progressing” with her lewd powers.

Anyhow… there were plenty of scenes, some were okay.. but meh..


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