Lewd game “review” – Parental Love by Luxee

Reviewing info:  How I rate/review and other info is HERE . W.I.P This sentence will not be included if review format is finalized and blog updated.

Review layout:  F95z

Review type:  Game

Review format:  Lewds

  Adult patch requirement:  

() Yes

(X) No


Aside incest patch you don’t need any. (game was originally incest,  so to patch or not is up to you) But game has useful walkthrough mod as well.


() Incoherently broken MTL/translation. Wait for better translation.

() Bad MTL/translation, but playable

() Polished enough MTL/translation

() Proper translation with minor issues

(X) Great translation / native

 1-H Playability: 

() No time for „fun“

() Lewd moments too short / irrelevant for „fun“

()Gameplay & “fun” ratio leans on gameplay too much

() Balanced gameplay and „fun“

(X) Mouse only experience


PROs & CONs:

✅ Fair amount of kinks

✅ Solid scenes

✅ Good enough Cgi

❔Corruption becomes too fast into some orgy… not my cup of tea


PROs & CONs:

✅ Renpy visual novel with some paths

❌Not that many „options“


The usual visual novel gimmick. Lot of clicking with few options.

 Game length & replay value:

() Very Short 1-3hr

(X) Short 3-10hr

() The Median 10-30hr

() Long 30+ hr

() Very Long 100+ hr


() Was pain to finish once / dropped

(X) One run fun

() Few runs to see all routes / options

() High replay value

 Story & Characters & Development: 

PROs & CONs:

✅ Some characters quite likeable

❔Overall running story is kinda dumb, but not bad either. Just not my cup of tea

❌ „Steep“ development turns into giant no-bounds relationship rather fast..


Visuals & Audio

PROs & CONs:

✅ Art style  mostly rather good

❌ No audio what-so-ever

❌ Some characters/models looks too weird in a bad way. Not my cup of tea.


 Performance & Required Hardware:

(X) Stick a cable in your potato

() Low spec / average normal PC

() Have gamer PC to an extent

() High-end build

() NASA PC. likely utter garbage optimization or truly cutting edge high end

Total Score:  6/10  

Game status:

(X) Finished

() Dropped

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