Lewd game “review” – Amu-chan developer

My scoring & reviews explained

+rather interactive
+for the most part can be considered vanilla
+a bit customization

-no voice acting
-rather short
-i had horribly translated version
-minimal kinks
-grindy start

Not much to add. It was rather cute little interactive lewd game
where you could have various funs with your imouto. A bit grindy
start, autoclicking macro helps here. I literally macrod to buy all
the stuff and then I started having fun with imouto. Give sweets and
pleasure and eventually unlock more stuff and she “corrupts” a
bit by drowning in pleasure. (but in rather vanilla manner). Long
story short, cute , fairly vanilla short interactive hentai game.

Do I recommend it? Meh.. it was cut and short, but nothing too


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