Lewd game “review” – Chevalier HIstorie by “PicoPicoSoft”

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Review type: Game
Review format: 🔞Lewds


✅ Artstyle is both good in Cgi and Pixel art
✅ Multiple endings with interesting requirements
✅ Combat is simple but fun
✅ No typical item grind, instead you get only items that can be toggled on an off (cheat items, lewd items, combat helpers etc..)
✅ Story is fairly nice and „good endings“ are pretty sweet
✅ Main scenes are fully voiced
✅ Incombat cut-in scenes are okay
✅ Some pretty interesting game mechanics in both normal gameplay and lewd gameplay (feud system & endless brother sequence)
✅ Exploration is encouraged
✅ FMC can buy male hookers where you can choose between some options
✅ Virgin runs are easy to do
❔ Altough feud system is nice in reality you basically just get 4 dialogue options (talk, talk2, talk3 get item, talk 4 have sex, talk 5 get item from talk3/or something else)
❔ Full gallery unlock after finishing the game is available


❌ Got 2 kinks (only 2 scenes though) that are not my cup of tea
❌ FMC is adorable with that artstyle which makes lewd scenes kinda mixed feelings
❌ Lewd stats exist for visual fluff only
❌ Body part status screen exist but is essentially pointless
❌ Lot of features feel introductory that could be polished and used a lot more if they decide to make a new game


CGi and Pixel art was unique and beautiful. World was vibrant with few surprising interactions. Story was simple but enjoyable enough. H-scenes very okay… but nor particularly my cup of tea.
Overall.. I feel this same game with a bit more content and polishing would make a great pixel art non hentai game… because the hentai bit was quite lackluster. And with this artstyle especially the FMC looks/character it simply felt kinda off-putting for me.
Think I finished it in around 5 hours or so. Binged it in 1 go pretty much. It’s okay game, pretty, but nothing amazing.

Total Score: 🌟6/10 🌟

Game status: ✅ Finished

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