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✅ Fairly fun gameplay element “dowsing skill” (another great use of RPGM engine)
✅ Silly but fun slapstick comedy storytelling
✅ Scene hunting for most part fairly easy
✅ Okay’ish progressive “stat screen”
✅ Fitting & solid artstyle for the silliness
✅ Good sprites and neat world
✅ “Stat” screen is minimal, but does good job enough
✅ Fun dynamic dialogue between main character and sidekick
✅ Combat skip if touch back and actual combat fairly easy with few tiny challenge bosses


❌ Most of FMC lewd scenes due to slapstick comedy aspect feel just off-putting
❌ CG art is very Inconsistent in scenes (fits in slapstick storytelling, but NOT IN H scenes)
❌ Not enough sidekick scenes
❌ Not really my cup of tea FMC
❔ Certain “changes” of FMC “development” are not my cup of tea (you can reset it, but no point if you hunt for all scenes)


First things first. If you manage to get good ending. You will get extra quest in capital, completing that quest gives access to gallery unlock. That’s the only thing I will spoil.

Now moving on to the usual rambling.

Let’s start with the good bits. The style of the game is essentially comedy slapstick comedy adventure RPG. You adventure around with your friend in various towns and end up in various silly situations with some naughty events, whilst reminder, true lewd events happen in FMC free time (in-between story events). So story itself was lots of fun, silly, funny, for the most part light hearted, especially if you manage to get into good end route. Does get some drama, but nevertheless as whole can say it was “unique” experience as far as adult RPGm games go.

The gameplay element was also something new again from RPGm engine. You essentially use “dowsing” skill to scan area to reveal hidden stuff on map. Which is the whole premise of the game and the story. You find quest items and same feature gives you some exploration joy of finding various secret loot. Combat is also approached correctly. You can skip entirely fights by sneaking behind enemies, touching them thus giving you XP and random loot, whilst actual combat allows you to fast forward and do the usual RPGm turn based stuff. Other than that, it’s the usual format. You do stuff, progress, find events, progress to next tier of events if have enough stats.

But yeah, art, music design for the non-nsfw part of the game was unique, fun, silly and superb. So was most definitely enjoyable part of the game. I think I pretty much binged the whole game In 10 hours.

Now to the stuff I were not particularly fond of.

Probably mostly the NSFW side content. Due to the slapstick comedy style on lot of occasions the scenes with main character felt somewhat off or just “just doesn’t fit in.” So that was somewhat off-putting. There were really few scenes that were somewhat “okay I guess?” Also, scenes CG was very inconsistent both style and quality’wise. Which did fit for the SFW content, but not for NSFW content. Seems artist had focused heavily on 2 specific kinks for the main character, one which character was very self-discovering about and proactively approaching about it, which was a bit more interesting take on it. And another caused “body changes”, which I personally was not fan of. Became a bit way too moronic in my opinion. Game allows you to reset status of it, if you want to find all scenes, then there is no point to do it. So wasted use of item.

Also… wish sidekick character (Ciel) would have more scenes, liked her both character and appearance wise a lot more. What she had, was fun enough, but yeah, she wasn’t the focus.

To sum it up. Pretty fun slapstick comedy game where it feels that polishing it as SFW game would made into much better game than this odd mixture of adult game. But for what it was as far RPGm games go. It had its charm and was fun, thus I liked it overall. If the wasted or pointless adult part of the game wouldn’t been so “off”, would have rated this game higher.

🌟Total Score: 7/10

Game status:
✅ Finished

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