Lewd game “review” : Liz -The Tower and the Grimoire by Clymenia

NOTE: I played modded „enhanced“ version that was remade on different engine with QOL patches etc…
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Review layout: Lazy/minimal format (STEAM)
Review type: Game
Review format: 🔞Lewds


✅ Great art
✅ Few well made kinks
✅ Plenty of good scenes
✅ FMC Is stuckup bitch who becomes simply a bitch to enjoy
✅ Kinda comical aspect is great
✅ Easy to hunt all scenes
✅ Some fun scenes changes & development in general
✅ Costume changes
✅ No tedious turn-based combat
✅ Fairy enjoyable story
✅ Gallery room
✅ Shortcuts in areas
❔ Corruption is kinda combined with gag/joke element which makes it acceptable steep corruption


❌ Steep corruption
❌ No any sort of stat screens
❌ Non lewd progression has the usual grindfest (to an extent)
❌ Because of side „quests“ feel like quest book would be needed in this game. As Honestly.. I have no damn memory what material who wanted.


Not much to add. Clymenia = good artystyle & plenty of fun fetishes
Its a great fun material game and ain’t too long or too short. Combat ain’t tedious Z spamming and grindfree mostly if going lewd route.

Anyhow I approve this degenerate game.

Total Score:


Game status:

✅ Finished

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