Lewd Game “review” – Paprika Trainer by Exiscoming

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✅ Solid art style

✅ Pretty fun story & comedy aspect

✅ Pretty solid gameplay

✅Lewd scenes are high quality animation loops

✅Interestng degeneracy premise

✅I loved the dialogues where first chick got slowly corrupted


❌The „combat/spy“ gameplay is tedious..

❌Barely lewd scenes. Game leans on gameplay a lot more than the lewd aspect (so not much of a fap game)

❌“Trainer“ game with rather weak trainer element itself

❔Lot’s of clothing, but it’s visual fluff only


Don’t usually care about western styled lewd games or animation overall. But this one had pretty pleasant artstyle. Anyhow… long story short… not really a fap game as there ain’t much to fap to. Yes the animations/loops are top notch quality, but there ain’t much of em. But the game itself was pretty fun. I liked the story, humor and slow dialogue corruption of the chicks.

I liked Sam the most, she hot hardworking and innocent chick.. so seeing her slowly being corrupted in her way of thinking was tons of fun. Plus she ended up being the biggest slut.

Clover is money gobbling bimbo… she the usual blonde slut, was good enough character

Alex… is essentially an infant in her mindset.. tomboy’ish as well… liked her the least.

Anyhow as an adult game . Adult part was meh.. but game itself was pretty fun.

Total Score: 7/10

Game status:

✅ Finished

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