Lewd game “review” – Together With A Cool Maid! by “Studio Neko Kick”

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Review type:  Game

Review format:  Lewds


✅ Great art

✅ Scenes – cg progression & hot scenes, good kink variation

✅ 1h playablity is good – mouse only experience

✅ No combat

✅ Scene completion % status

✅ Good waifu

✅ Essentially 2 stages of waifu = 1st where she is simply maid and & looks at you disgusted if you do stuf and 2nd stage where she is lover and loves it all

✅ Gallery room

✅ Voice acting

❔Currently only MTL translation but was solid enough to understand


❔Wish it would been a bit longer & more scenes

❔Plot device exists but no actual „story“

❌A bit grindy to buy all shit off shop

❌never figured out how to get apron scene thus 98% completion


Think I mentioned everything in pros and cons. It’s a cute little game where you be degenerate with your maid waifu who looks at you with spite if you be a degenerate. But eventually you get her to be ur actual waifu then she is a fellow degenerate with you.

Never figured out how to get 2 cgi images. Apron scene and laundry basket wet edition cgi. But other than that was fairly vanilla game and sweet. I approve it.

Total Score:  7/10  

Game status:

✅ Finished

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