Lewd game “review” – Young Wife Souffle by Odontotyranus

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  • Art is okay with fair enough CGi variations
  • Kinks variations & scenes are fair enough
  • Plenty of scenes
  • Main chick is nicely meaty and hot
  • Gallery room with tips
  • Kinda fun/enjoyable premise
  • No combat grind (at least not in lewd route)
  • Scene hunting is fairly easy (think the blondy NTR dude is only one I couldn’t figure out until I got everything else)
  • (?) NTR where u don’t even care as FMC is pretty dumb-slut from get-go
  • (?) Plenty of shota focused scenes


  • FMC personality not my cup of tea, a dumb slut that acts cutesy, but at least made the NTR “plot” tolerable instead of being miserable
  • Everything else that is not mentioned in pros is pretty mediocre. (world, dialogues, visuals/audio (not cgi), characters etc…)


I mean…. It was okay hentai game to get your rocks off. Took me around 4-6 hours to get through everything. Can’t really call it a bad nor good game. It’s okay game.. if it seems like your cup of tea then give it a go.

Scenes are mostly NTR in various manners, hypnosis, pregnancy related stuff, shota stuff. Chick is nice meaty and dumb enough to be a dumpster.

So overall it’s an okay game for me.

🌟 Total score: 6/10 🌟

Game status

✅ Finished

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