Anime movie “review” – BLAME

BLAME 8/6/7/8/8

Note: I’ll use my MAL reviewing format until I tweak it for AL. link Here is how my “review” system works. W.I.P

Hmm…. rather complex story that takes it rather slow, whilst indulging lot of stupidity. I mean to be honest, the world premise / setting did remind me of matrix a lot, whilst design made me think of nier automata. Anyhow about the story. Essentially it’s a little dystopian survival story with some drama and few rather “wow” twists. We get bunch of essentially “cavemen” trying to survive in a rather fcked up world that’s taken over by AI. And luckily enough our MC “Killy” gets discovered and thus there it starts to roll towards “hope”. Now this is a story where more I would talk the more likely it would become a spoiler so I’ll just remain to general gist and what I felt about the movie.

Probably the most enjoyable aspect I loved about this movie so much, was the tension. It was one of the most tense Anime movies I’ve watched. The whole world discovery, story reveals, drama and “twists” were especially amazingly conveyed.

Although I love how ignorant and stupid were the normal survivors there, but that was generation gap does and loss of information.

What I disliked the most would be probably how long/far the story arched. It was slow paced which was good to grasp story correctly and build tension, BUT since it was only 1 movie I feel like sequel is a must. It did get me interested enough to eventually read the manga.

Long story short, it’s rather complex and interesting story, but it’s short length leaves a lot of open questions, but for what was presented and explained, it was great.


Honestly, the weakest aspect. Most characters I didn’t care about (well, they were cannon fodder anyways.) and only worthwhile characters were Killy

and Cibo

. Also Zuru was very cute 🙂

But yeah why it was weakest? Aside character irrelevancy I think most of them were rather weak and stupid. But that came with harsh environment, lack of materials and lack of resources to train/study. Plus heavy generation gap of prior history.

Essentially main characters were great, rest of em were pretty much useless. Thus why I found this being a weakest link in the movie.


✦Art & Sound✦
This time around I’ll start with sound. All I gotta say I’m not sure whenever I liked or now, but for sure OST in this movie had great presence and went along rather good with what was happening on the screen.

Art & animation. I’m still not fond of CGi Anime.. quality & artstyle was great, but slower movement is simply painful to my eyes. It feels like playing game with horrid framerate… very laggy and janky. But all things considered it was good enough…


Enjoyment & Overall✦
I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. I loved the tense story presentation and the depressing world there. It has it’s issues, but as far as Anime movie can present a story for it’s duration. It was damn enjoyable. But of course, It would need bunch of movies or long series to give the full awe and explanations for both storytelling and action. A.k.a suffers from it’s short length.


✦✦Final score✦✦: 8/10

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