Lewd game “review” – Explorer of Yggdrasil by “Black Train”

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✅ Game by Black Train = crazy hot slutty art and voice acting
✅ Kink variation is fair enough
✅ „Class“ system art changes are great
✅ Cgi and Cgi expressions are top notch
✅ Cgi/scenes are easy to obtain and have tips on how to get them
✅ Lewd points = stat points from being a degenerate
✅ Scenes superior to Azel & less comedic
✅ Plot/premise kinda interesting
✅ Gal shop keeper?
❔ FMC Is flat on call girl thus from get tho naughty
❔ Some pixel art..
❔ Overall statistics
❔ Fairly short game so won’t be annoyed by gameplay element


❌ Gameplay aspect is pretty much inferior on every aspect in comparison to “Branded Azel“
❌ A lot less content than Azel
❌ Not really likable characters, most are just ♥♥♥♥♥ who like FMC being a toy. (while FMC is call girl who is fallen af, she was still the most likable one)


I mean this game pretty much feels like inferior spin-off of Branded Azel. Although I think scenes in this game were much hotter, the game itself was pretty much pointless on gameplay aspect. Scene viewer would been better.

Basically if Azel was stronger 6, this game is weak 6. It’s carried by its art and scenes. So please… Black Train do better….. you have god tier art and really great lewd voice acting. Literally this art is so enjoyable and so is voice acting if characters are drowning in lust.

Thankfully or not this game at least is rather short. You can hunt for all scenes pretty fast and push through story quite fast to get last bit of scenes. There are difficulty options, but I don’t see the point of that…

Gameplay is essentially attack, block, heal and only thing you change about your character is the class (which stats go up while levelling & what weapon does extra damage) and gear you get from mobs (various weapon types with various stats and extra effects) … but gameplay gets pretty dull pretty fast. But at least it’s much faster & better for Hentai game that’s focus is not on the game. I mean, in the usual RPGm games you just have turn based encounter > spam Z > win > rinse & repeat & pray game offers cheat skills/weapons to hunt for scenes that would allow skimming the combat. This game combat is at really really fast, you can avoid most enemies, cheese for high end gear with good perks > make combat easy af > profit > win win.

Total Score: 🌟6/10 🌟

Game status:✅ Finished

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