Lewd game “review” – Latia the Hero and Her Pleasant Companions (But Make it Lewd) by “Shoku”

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Review type: Game
Review format: Lewds
✅ Okay kink/scene variety
✅ Animated CG / cg variety
✅ Outfit options
❔ Unique art
❌ Absolute trash characters writing
❌ Scene writing pretty bad
❌ Bizarro scenes not my cup of tea
❌ Obnoxious random encounters
❌ Story itself is bad
❌ Bad map designs

Didn’t finish the game, but I did play one of shoku games in the past, that was fairly okay. Godess Emily and Knight Milk I think? And I remember enjoying them for most part. Anyhow…. As for this game… wow… it was bad on so many levels. On writing part (and I don’t mean translation/MTL) the characters, world, story all it felt so dumb and bland. Main characters were idiotic with no character, villains were morons, world interaction was dull AF…

Running around maps fighting stuff is also obnoxious. You get random combat encounter every 5 seconds… I stopped fighting anything and just kept spamming flee combat, rushed to “boss” killed it, progressed story to get scene… MC is pretty OP, so you can basic attack to death most stuff early on. Map designs, were dull, dragged and boring.

Only redeeming factor that there were early on already showcased some scene/fetish variety and scenes themselves had animated CGi which was nice touch. Plus shoku does have unique art, which can be hit or miss. Although there is some bizarro aspect which I’m not big fan off half the time.

I know later on in the game you get “battle fuck” feature and outfit options which is neat, but I didn’t reach that far into the game as honestly… out of 3 shoku games I’ve played now, this felt just pretty damn bad.
Total Score: 3/10
Game status:
❌ Dropped

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