Lewd game “review” – monster girl club bifrost (by Midnight Pleasure)


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Review layout: STEAM
Review type: Game
Review format: πŸ”žLewds

πŸ’— Adult patch requirement: πŸ’—

βœ… Yes
πŸ”² No
On their site.


πŸ”² Incoherently broken MTL/translation. Wait for better translation.
πŸ”² Bad MTL/translation, but playable
πŸ”² Polished enough MTL/translation
πŸ”² Proper translation with minor issues
βœ… Great translation / native

πŸ’—1-H Playability:πŸ’—

πŸ”² No time for β€žfunβ€œ
πŸ”² Lewd moments too short / irrelevant for β€žfunβ€œ
πŸ”² Balanced gameplay and β€žfunβ€œ
βœ… Mouse only experience


βœ…Gallery Room
βœ… Post-game / NG+ cheat tools
PROs & CONs:
βœ… Tons of scenes
βœ… Nice lewd writing/script to balance out no CG variation
βœ… Fair amount of kinks
βœ… Wholesome endings & overall girls approach in development
βœ… Lot of good monster girl lewd quirks
βœ… Girls can have various good lewd effects
❔Pimp/slave trainer/trader game / management
❌Aside main story character all monster girls have 1 picture and script to it (only difference is characters lewdness / affection level that changes images)
Even though it didn’t have CG variations, meaning that most of the lewd scenes had 1 image and written script. I found still that game was pretty hot and enjoyable. Scenes were great and the vanilla’esque you can go for with monster girls were quite wholesome.


PROs & CONs:
βœ… great NG+ functionality
βœ… Very fun management game
βœ… Some different methods on how to play the game
βœ… Good enough game to even play without the lewds.

Difficulty & Grind:

On normal is fairly easy. You can rain your girls and easily gather up the money for progression. I didn’t replay on hardest, but if you have OP starting girls and since game offers great NG+ functionality where you buy perks for points when u start NG+ game.. it makes it much easier for you. Achievements give points you can consume. But because of that approach and few options on how to play a game, you can play it multiple times for management. For me it was once enough then I grabbed savegame to see rest of scenes in gallery.

Game length & replay value:

πŸ”² Very Short 1-3hr
πŸ”² Short 3-10hr
βœ… The Median 10-30hr
πŸ”² Long 30+ hr
πŸ”² Very Long 100+ hr
πŸ”² Was pain to finish once / dropped
πŸ”² One run fun
πŸ”² Few runs to see all routes / options
βœ… High replay value

Story & Characters & Development:

PROs & CONs:
βœ… Fun story
βœ… All monster girls have various stereotypes that are lot of fun.
βœ… Monster girls and main girl affection & addiction growth over time is wholesome

Visual & Audio:

PROs & CONs:
βœ… Solid & sweet anime art
βœ… Pleasant OST

Performance & Required Hardware:

πŸ”² Stick a cable in your potato
βœ… Low spec / average normal PC
πŸ”² Have gamer PC to an extent
πŸ”² High-end build
πŸ”² NASA PC. likely utter garbage optimization or truly cutting edge high end


Full price when wrote review:17EU
πŸ”² Not worth even for free
πŸ”² Get on -80% to -90% sale
πŸ”² Get on -60% to -70% sale
βœ… Get on -30% to -50% sale
πŸ”² Full price is fair enough
βœ… Full price if want to throw extra funds to devs face

🌟 Total score: 🌟 8/10

Game status:
βœ… Finished + πŸ’› Favorited πŸ’›
πŸ”² Dropped

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