Lewd game “review” – The Earnest Committee Chair Has a Masturbation Diary by DobuWorks

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Review layout:  Lazy/minimal format (others)

Review type:  Game

Review format:  Lewds


✅Great 2DCG animation

✅Good voice acting

✅Hot scene sequences

✅Hot premise


❌Not really a game, more of a hentai gallery with some context

❌Not many scenes or variations

❌One run mini fun


Dobu has another game called „hypno appli“ which I played but dunno if it was final version.. will review it eventually. Was superb game. Anyhow searched for another games made by same circle and this is the only one i found. Long story short, it’s a short little hot hentai gallery player without any actual gameplay or so…. essentially an animation doujinshi. But good enough for fap material I you want to see a kinky student council president.

Total Score:  6/10  

Game status:

✅ Finished

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